What is Model United Nations
and why should you participate?

Model United Nations (MUN) is a debating conference globally known as an international event organized for high school students. First MUNs appeared in the late 1940s in the United States and since then, they have been assembling pupils from all around the world.

As participants, we meet and spend three days together on debating, political affairs, lobbying and enjoying the time of our lives. The Secretariat provides us with nearly everything, so the only thing you have to think about are sessions and talking with other students. It is an amazing opportunity to meet new people of various nationalities and make life-long friends. Moreover, after the committee sessions, you can become a tourist and explore interesting places in Poznań. Oh, and you shouldn’t forget about the tradition of the Social Event on Thursday, which shows the true nature of the nightlife in our town.

So, if debating in English about global issues and talking with strangers aren’t a problem for you, you should register on mymun site, book a hotel and come to Poznań by plane, train or car, to experience the best three days of your life.

How can Model United Nations
change your life?

MUN is a great opportunity to learn new things and become a much more experienced person. You will acquire the ability of expressing opinions of the country represented by you, defending your point and using the power of rhetoric and lobbying to persuade others that they should vote as you please. Apart from the actual debates and committee sessions, you will be able to talk freely with every delegate, train conversing in English and make new friends from all around the world.

The conference will also allow you to understand how close you are to global problems and how easy it is to participate in universal discussion about violating human rights, providing international security or fighting with poverty. If you want to start changing the world around you, participating in Poznań Model United Nations 2017 is the best place to start!

But how does it work exactly?

Firstly, you have to register on the mymun site, write something about yourself in motivational letter, choose the committee you want to be in and the country you want to represent. Then, you have a couple of weeks to conduct a research about the topics that will be discussed in your committee. Lastly, you come to Poznań in January and enjoy the event!

The formal part of the conference is divided into two kinds of debates: the General Assembly and the Committee Sessions. During the General Assembly, all delegates gather together, representing their countries’ policies, and voting on proposed resolutions.

The real fun begins during the Committee Sessions! Each committee is going to assemble 24 delegates, each of them can represent their country’s attitude towards a specific topic. In this part of the conference, we distinguish two ways of debating. During Moderated Caucus you must not use the first grammatical person and refer to yourself as ‘the delegate of XXX’. And while speaking directly to someone, you must also refer to them as ‘the delegate of XXX’.

There is also the Unmoderated Caucus, when you are permitted to talk freely with other delegates about the discussed topic, form alliances, lobby and think about the solutions to the problems.

Then, when you are a part of an alliance, you start to work on a Resolution, which is a document that enlists all the changes that the committee would like to propose. The proposed resolutions are voted upon, and the one from each committee has to be presented and voted upon by all delegates during General Assembly.

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