Why should you support
Poznań Model United Nations?

Participation in Model United Nations first and foremost teaches young people how to look at the world from a broader, more global perspective. Despite not having any legislative nor executive power, Model United Nations spreads awareness that will have a positive effect on the future.

Because MUN attracts such a mixture of people from the country and abroad, it is a great opportunity to promote the city, region and its attractions. An event like that will not only attract future students, but also inhabitants and employees.

We want to develop Poznań’s potential and turn it into a city well-known for its bright residents and an international, open-minded and hospitable atmosphere with a government and private companies supporting initiative and development.

What is Model United Nations?

Model United Nations (MUN) is an educational simulation, on either high school or university level, during which students from all over the world gather for a few days with a purpose of solving the World’s problems. Each delegate represents one of the UN Member States in various committees such as Economic and Social Committee, Security Council, World Health Organization or Human Rights Council, in which a previously proposed topic is discussed.

Every conference is organised by students for students and its official language is English, which is why they attract such an international crowd. An event like that not only presents different countries’ perspectives, but also teaches public speaking, debating, researching, formal writing, teamwork, critical thinking, compromise and leadership skills. It is a perfect opportunity to meet globally aware peers and get to know their point of view on current issues. All that creates an unforgettable experience that inspires youth to take part in the next MUN and maybe even organize their own.

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